Franchise Owner Responsibilities: What to Expect from Your Day-to-Day

December 19, 2023

Owning a franchise is similar to owning any other type of business. You’re the responsible party in charge. When things are going well, you can take the credit. But, on the flip side, if things go wrong, you have to be accountable.

But, as a franchisee, things can be a little easier since you don’t have as many decisions to make. The way your business is structured—its look, the products you sell and/or the services you provide, and certain of your business operations—is predetermined by the franchisor. When you purchase a franchise, the franchisor shares their business methods of operation, which is a roadmap to assist you in the operation of your business.

Day-to-Day Franchise Owner Responsibilities

But what do franchise owners do? As a franchisee, your responsibilities will be similar to the independent business owners within your industry. You might work in an office, or provide a service that requires you to work on site in your customers’ homes. No matter what kind of franchise you own, a typical day may include things like:

  • Ordering inventory and working with suppliers
  • Hiring, training, and managing employees
  • Creating an attractive company culture that people want to work for
  • Implementing marketing and advertising initiatives
  • Keeping the books, including handling payroll, and calculating royalty fees
  • Ringing up sales in your store
  • Resolving customerservice complaints

As a franchisee, most decisions you make will need to be made with the brand’s best interest in mind. In return, the brand will assist you along the way as its success depends on the success of its franchises.

To this end, you will get to take advantage of the brand’s winning formula. Potential customers already know the brand, they know what their experience will be like when they walk through your door, making them more likely to do so.

How Things Are Different for Restaurant Franchise Owners

Many people dream of owning a restaurant. Maybe because of memories of dining out at their favorite eateries. Or because they grew up watching television shows where a lot of the fun took place in restaurants.

Restaurants are the most commonly franchised businesses. According to IBISWorld, in 2022 there were nearly 200,000 fast food (or quick service restaurants (QSR)) and casual dining restaurants in the U.S.

So, if you want to be one of the nation’s many restaurant franchise owners, be prepared for a greater investment of time and energy with long hours and few days off. Owners must keep to a set schedule. Running a breakfast and lunch place means rising before dawn, with the benefit of having your evenings free. Owning a bar-and-grill allows you to sleep in, but in return, you’ll be working late nights.

You will most likely be in the restaurant every day, overseeing operations. If you own more than one franchise, you’ll need to find qualified managers to act in your place when you can’t be on site. And, with all the restaurants out there, QSR franchises must do a lot of advertising to make sure their name stays front and center in customers’ minds.

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You’ve definitely heardof Burger King. You’ve most likely eaten there. Maybe even today. Burger King wasfounded almost 70 years ago. We sold our first franchise in 1954 and today wehave approximately 7,000 locations across the country and about 19,000worldwide.

If you want to own a fast-food franchise, why not become part of one of the most popular, best known brands in the world?

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