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At Burger King®, we take pride in growing our nationwide network of restaurant owners to include hard-working individuals and families. Our franchising and field teams work diligently to not only prepare our franchisees for success, but also to support them throughout their journey. Our goal is to ensure they have the resources necessary to keep guests coming back for more flame-grilled goodness.

Take a look at a few of our most recent franchise success stories:

Franchisee, Gary Moore

“I’m very proud of my tenured team and all of their accomplishments. Many of the leaders in the organization started out as hourly employees, just like I did in 1982. Spending time with the team and our valued guests is still my favorite part of the job, all of these years later.”

- Gary Moore

Gary Moore, Franchisee

Operating 60+ restaurants

Gary Moore was a sophomore in high school in 1982 when he began his career with Burger King®, where he spent two years as an hourly team member at his local restaurant in West Valley City, Utah. In 2005, Gary became a Burger King® franchisee and partner in HB Boys, which operates 60+ restaurants.

“Burger King® was a part of so many fond moments in my childhood and young adult life, and it’s exciting to be a part of this brand while it is at such a turning point. I find so much pride in being able to be involved in the community and provide guests with the same great experiences I had.”

- Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, Franchisee

Chris Johnson, Franchisee

Operating 65 restaurants

Chris Johnson became a Burger King® franchisee in 2013, acquiring six Connecticut restaurants from a 40-year operator. Many of the restaurant’s team members had worked there for a long time, and Chris welcomed the opportunity to foster growth and help employees advance their careers within the brand. Now, Chris and his management company, Rackson Restaurants, operate 65 Burger King® restaurants.

The Casciano Family, Franchisees

“Our six locations employ over 300 people, and Casciano Traverse City Inc. is known for its great family-run atmosphere. Three of our locations consistently have annual sales of over $2 million, and we have developed a very professional reputation within our community that helps us continue to run the best operations in town.”

- The Casciano Family

The Casciano Family, Franchisee

Three generations of franchise owners

In 1973, Dan and Darlene Casciano, along with their three children, relocated to Traverse City, Michigan, to open their first Burger King® franchise. Since then, the Casciano family has opened five additional Traverse City locations, with sons Mike, Chris, and Dan managing and overseeing construction of the restaurants since the 1980s. In 2020, the family business extended into the third generation when Chris’ son, Blane, became a franchisee.

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