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The Burger King®
Franchise Process

Ready to join our Royal Family? We’ve made the process as straightforward as possible. Become part of one of the world’s favorite fast food franchises in a few simple steps.

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Your Path to Burger King® Ownership

Start an Initial Inquiry Form today to become a franchisee. Here’s what to expect from our franchise process*

1. Apply Online

Submit an Initial Inquiry Form via our online portal. Be as detailed as possible to distinguish yourself from other applicants. We’ll take the time to carefully review your form, and if there’s an opportunity available, a member of our franchising team will reach out quickly.

2. Discovery Call

After reviewing your Initial Inquiry Form and confirming that you meet our minimum requirements, we’ll schedule a discovery call with you. This initial meeting will provide an opportunity for you to connect with our business development team and share your QSR background and history. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions about our business model, market position, the franchise opportunity, or any other relevant information.

3. Market Alignment Call

Our team will review the key takeaways from the discovery call and identify opportunities that align with your goals, capabilities, and geographic preferences. Afterward, we’ll present these opportunities to you to determine if they’re a good match.

4. Leadership Introduction

Following your market alignment call, you will have the opportunity to meet key members of our field and leadership teams. This is your chance to demonstrate your potential as a franchisee and show how you’d be a good fit for our brand. During this call, you will also learn more about our brand, including our latest innovations and future plans, and how you can contribute to our vision.

5. Conditional Approval

Once you’ve met the initial review criteria, you will be eligible to proceed with negotiations between buyer and seller or continue down the new development path. Final approval* is contingent upon additional diligence items, including a background check.

* The approval process may vary

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Once You’re Approved

The Burger King® franchise process ensures you won’t be on your own even after you’ve signed your franchise agreement and executed your lease. Visit our Training and Support page to learn more about the resources and tools we provide to you throughout the life of your franchise.

Training and Support

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